Filming location in Cast Away

Filming Location
Chuck Noland returns the package

Chuck Noland, portrayed by Tom Hanks, returns a significant FedEx package to a ranch in Texas. This sequence was filmed in the United States, near the city of Canadian in Texas. For those seeking exact coordinates or planning a visit to this serene location, click on the map pointer icon in the navigation or read on.

“This package saved my life. Thank you.”

Chuck Noland

Where Was Chuck Noland Returns the Package Filmed?

In this scene, Chuck Noland decides to return a FedEx package that played a crucial role in his survival. The filming took place at the Arrington Ranch House Lodge, near Canadian, Texas, USA. This historic location perfectly captured the essence of Chuck’s journey and decision.

Scenes filmed at Arrington Ranch House Lodge

Chuck Noland returns the package
In this scene, the audience witnesses Chuck returning the package to its sender. It’s a moment of realization and reflection for the character, beautifully framed against the backdrop of the Arrington Ranch House Lodge.

Opening Scene – Package Pickup
The ranch also appears in the opening scenes of the film where a FedEx driver picks up the package from a woman named Bettina Peterson. This early sequence sets the stage for the package’s significance in the storyline and Chuck’s life.

Cast Away
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