Filming location in Cast Away

Filming Location
Chuck Noland at Crossroads

Chuck Noland, played by Tom Hanks, reaches a crossroads, contemplating which path to take next in life. This scene was filmed in the United States, specifically near Mobeetie in Texas. For accurate details on this remote and symbolic location, consider delving deeper or click the map icon in the navigation.

“I would rather take my chance out there on the ocean than to stay here and die on this s***hole island, spending the rest of my life talking to a goddamn volleyball!”

Chuck Noland

Where Was Chuck Noland at Crossroads Filmed?

Chuck Noland stands at a pivotal intersection, both physically and metaphorically, deciding on his life’s next phase. This moment was captured at the intersection of Farm to Market Road 48 and 1268, Mobeetie, Texas, USA.

More about Farm to Market Road 48 and 1268

Present-day visitors to Farm to Market Road 48 and 1268 will witness a landscape transformed since the filming of “Cast Away” – now dotted with wind turbines stretching in every direction. The area, nestled between Mobeetie and Canadian in Texas, can be reached by following specific driving directions and is surrounded by the captivating Texas countryside, providing a picturesque drive for all travelers and film enthusiasts alike.

Scenes filmed at Farm to Market Road 48 and 1268

Chuck Noland at Crossroads
Chuck Nolan (Tom Hanks) reaches a crossroads in a remote area and a woman in a pickup truck stops to tell him about where each direction leads. As she leaves, Chuck notices an angel wing painted on her truck, just like the one on the package he delivered. He watches her drive away, thinking about what to do next. Slowly, a small smile appears on his face as he decides which way to go.

FedEx Truck’s Journey to Bettina Peterson’s Ranch
In the film’s opening scenes, a FedEx truck is seen turning into the street, traveling toward Bettina Peterson’s ranch to pick up a package. This initial scene subtly foreshadows the significant events and decisions that will unfold later in the movie, with the same location reappearing as a site of crucial decision-making for the protagonist.

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