Filming location in The Great Escape

Filming Location
Cafe Suzette and the French Resistance

In the heart of Bavaria, Germany, lies the scenic location of Café Suzette, the backdrop for an unforgettable scene from the movie “The Great Escape.” This specific setting was the stage for a dramatic drive-by shooting organized by the French resistance, where three German officers were killed. If you’re curious to find the exact filming location, you can explore further by clicking on the map pointer in the navigation area above.

“Bloody good. I’m a British officer. I’ve just escaped from a prisoner-of-war camp in Germany. I’m trying to make my way into Spain. You understand me? Can you help me?”


Where did they film the “Cafe Suzette” scene?

The exact filming location of Café Suzette is next to the Lechhalde bridge in Füssen, Germany. The café was set up on a pavement platform as part of a riverbank wall. Today, the place has been transformed, with benches and large potted plants replacing the tables and chairs from the café scene. The metal bridge has been replaced and modernized, and the wall of the pavement platform has been replaced with a railing. No evidence suggests a small café or bar ever existed at that spot.

The Scene Filmed at Lechhalde Bridge

Sedgwick (James Coburn), is present when three German officers are enjoying their time at the café. A waiter calls Sedgwick to the counter, informing him that he has received a phone call. Meanwhile, members of the French Resistance conduct a drive-by shooting, gunning down the German officers.

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