Filming location in Forrest Gump

Filming Location
Bubba´s Grave

Forrest visits a gravestone, paying homage to his departed friend and conversing about their dream of diving into the shrimping industry. This poignant sequence was set against the backdrop of the United States, particularly in Beaufort, South Carolina.

“Hey, Bubba, it’s me, Forrest Gump. I remember everything you said, and I got it all figured out. I’m taking the twenty-four thousand, five hundred and six-two dollars and forty-seven cents that I got, well, that’s left after a new hair cut and a new suit and I took Momma out to real fancy dinner and I bought a bus ticket and three Doctor Peppers.”

Forrest Gump

Where was Bubba´s Grave scene filmed?

Depicting unwavering loyalty and determination, the scene where Forrest talks to Bubba’s gravestone takes place at 145 Alston Rd, Beaufort, South Carolina, USA. It is on the same Property as Bubba’s house where Forrest visited Bubba’s family to explain to them what his plans are with the Shrimping business.

More about Beaufort

Situated along the picturesque Port Royal Island, Beaufort is a blend of historical allure and natural splendor. Revered as a National Historic Landmark, the town’s antebellum architectural marvels amidst streets lined with moss-clad oaks have been a magnet for filmmakers, making Beaufort a revered destination for both cinema lovers and history enthusiasts.

Scenes filmed at 145 Alston Rd, Beaufort

Forrest’s Visits to Bubba’s Grave
Forrest visits Bubba’s grave carrying out a one-sided conversation with his late friend. Forrest talks about his plans to uphold the promise they made to each other about going into the shrimping business. He mentions that he’s invested in buying a boat and discusses his intention to get the necessary equipment like nets to start shrimping. The scene is heartfelt as it displays Forrest’s unwavering loyalty and his determination to fulfill the promises he made to Bubba, showcasing the deep bond and the enduring impact of their friendship even after Bubba’s demise.

Forrest Gump
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