Filming location in The Shawshank Redemption

Filming Location
Brooks’ Halfway House

Brooks, an elderly parolee, feels the weight of the outside world as he tries to find a semblance of normalcy. He wanders the streets and approaches the building he is staying in called the “The Brewer”. This evocative scene takes place in Mansfield, Ohio. Fans of the movie can use the map pin icon to trace the exact location.

“The world went and got itself in a big damn hurry”


Where was The Halfway House where Brooks stays filmed?

The exterior shots, capturing Brooks (James Whitmore) going toward his halfway building, are set against the backdrop of the Haunted Bissman Building, located at 193 North Main Street, Mansfield, Ohio, United States. This structure, previously the Bissman Company’s hub, silently reverberates the narrative of a man out of step with time.

In the scene preceding that, where Brooks tries to cross the street and narrowly avoids being hit by a car, the location is the intersection of North Main Street and West 5th Street. This is just a short distance from the Bissman Building.

More about the Haunted Bissman Building

The Haunted Bissman Building is not just renowned for its cinematic association. It’s also steeped in local lore as a “haunted” spot, with many tales of ghostly encounters and mysterious events. It has, over time, become a magnet for those seeking ghostly adventures and is a prime spot for paranormal tours.

Scenes filmed at the Haunted Bissman Building

Brooks avoids being hit by a car
Brooks (James Whitmore) narrowly avoids being hit by a car as he attempts to cross the street. This moment underscores Brooks’ inexperience and disorientation outside the prison walls. He once mentioned seeing an automobile as a boy, but now they are everywhere, highlighting the vast changes the world has undergone during his time in prison.

Brooks walking towards his halfway building
Brooks navigates the unfamiliar streets. The world outside has changed dramatically since he was last a free man. The sounds of traffic, the blur of moving vehicles, and the pace of life are all foreign to him. His tentative steps and wide-eyed wonder highlight his unease and displacement in this new world. His journey through the streets culminates in his arrival at a halfway house named ‘The Brewer.’ The establishment stands as a symbol of his transitional phase, a bridge between his past in prison and an uncertain future.

The Shawshank Redemption
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