Filming location in Pride and Prejudice

Filming Location
Bennet Family Home: Longbourn House

Longbourn House, the beloved home of the Bennet family in “Pride and Prejudice”, is a focal point for many of the movie’s pivotal scenes. This historical residence is nestled in England, more precisely in Tunbridge Wells. Curious viewers looking to explore the exact filming spot will find it by reading on or clicking the map pin icon in the navigation bar.

“I’m twenty-seven years old. I’m plain and I have no money and no prospects. I’m already a burden to my parents and I’m frightened. So don’t judge me, Lizzie, don’t you dare judge me.”


Where were Bennet Family Home scenes filmed?

Longbourn House, the heartbeat of many engaging scenes in “Pride and Prejudice”, was brought to life at Groombridge Place. This historic estate is located near Tunbridge Wells in the United Kingdom.

More about Groombridge Place

Groombridge Place, beyond its cinematic fame, carries with it a rich history. This 17th-century moated manor house is surrounded by formal gardens and ancient woodland. As visitors stroll through its pathways, they might feel the essence of the Bennet family lingering, intertwining the fictional world with reality.

Scenes filmed at Groombridge Place

Elizabeth’s Reflective Swing
While on her swing, Elizabeth Bennet (Keira Knightley) contemplates life as the seasons change around her, symbolizing the passage of time.

Charlotte’s Marriage News
Elizabeth’s close friend, Charlotte (Claudie Blakley), shares the surprising news of her impending marriage to Mr. Collins.

Bingley and Darcy’s Visit
Mr. Bingley (Simon Woods) and Mr. Darcy (Matthew Macfadyen) visit Longbourn, with Mr. Bingley expressing his intention to propose to Jane Bennet (Rosamund Pike).

Lady Catherine’s Confrontation
The domineering Lady Catherine de Bourg (Judi Dench) visits Longbourn, determined to dissuade Elizabeth from marrying Mr. Darcy.

Elizabeth’s Escape and Darcy’s Wait
After a heated discussion about Mr. Collins, Elizabeth makes a hasty exit from Longbourn, only to find Mr. Darcy waiting, hoping to discuss their future together.

Pride and Prejudice
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