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Filming Location
Arya Attacks Joffrey

Arya Stark’s fierce attack on Joffrey after he cuted her friend Mycah’s face with his sword is a memorable scene from “Game of Thrones.” If you’re curious to discover the exact filming location, continue reading or click on the map pointer in the navigation area above.

“No no, stop it, stop it, both of you. You’re spoiling it. You’re spoiling everything!”

Sansa Stark

Where were the “Arya Attacks Joffrey” scenes filmed?

The scene where Arya attacks Joffrey was filmed in Northern Ireland near the beautiful lake Lough Neagh. It’s not far from where the Maine river flows into Lough Neagh, providing an extraordinary landscape.

You can see the stone bridge over the Maine river in the background of the scene. The same bridge was also used for the “Tourney Of The Hand” scenes. Nestled in a forest area, you can only access this location through private roads.

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The scene filmed at Maine bridge

(Season 1, Episode 2: “The Kingsroad”)

While Prince Joffrey and Sansa were enjoying a walk near the riverbank, they encountered Arya and Mycah playfully sword fighting with wooden sticks. Joffrey, amused by Mycah’s desire to be a knight, taunted him with his real sword. Even though the boy was intimidated and tried to explain he only had a wooden stick, Joffrey maliciously cut Mycah’s face. Arya’s anger boiled over, and she struck Joffrey with her stick. As he tried to attack her with his sword, Arya’s direwolf Nymeria appeared, biting Joffrey’s right arm and knocking him to the ground. Arya then picked up the sword, pointed it at Joffrey, threw it into the river, and fled with her direwolf.

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